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The story of Renzios Greek Food restaurants began in 1979 with our first restaurant, The Athenian in Billings, MT.  When we opened, Greek food was almost unheard of in Montana or the west.  In spite of this, the Renzios brothers, Athanasios (Tom), Nickolaos (Nick) and Christos (Chris) wanted to bring the fresh taste of our Greek homeland to our new home.  We began with authentic recipes from our family and the northwest region of Greece, known as Epiros.  This mountainous area produces the best feta cheese and yogurt in all of Europe and inspires many of our creations.

When we began the restaurant, we were unable to find the quality ingredients needed to maintain the authentic flavors of our traditional Greek recipes.  So, we imported ingredients directly from Greece and mixed our own spices.  These spices are currently available in our restaurants so that you may take them home and use them in your own kitchen.

In 1985, bolstered by the success in Montana, we decided to try a new “quick service” approach.  To be successful, however, we thought we needed a larger market where we had the prospects for multiple locations.  We opened first in the thriving (and now long gone) Cinderella City Mall.  Once that was off and running, we began opening in all the major malls in the city.

So when you see that sign that proudly displays the name of the 3 immigrant brothers, RENZIOS, you can be assured that this is not just another “Mediterranean” restaurant; it’s  the fulfillment of a dream of 3 Greek farmers who came to America not so long ago. 

Please watch for us under the name of “Renzios Greek Food” in Cheyenne at the Frontier Mall, and in Denver in prominent malls .  You can also enjoy the same dining experience at “Café Athens” in Loveland and Fort Collins.

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